Every trophy is a work of art.

Roland Dourlain was one with the elements when he was amidst wildlife and nature. The beauty of animals and birds was a lifelong passion of Roland. When your passion becomes your profession, wonderful things happen.

When Roland started Taxidermy by Dourlain, he had high ambitions and set higher standards. Every trophy that he and his team crafted reflected the depth of his understanding of wildlife and nature. In their hands every trophy was transformed into an artefact, as real as it was when alive.

Over 20 years after Roland started Taxidermy by Dourlain, this tradition of perfection continues. Roland is no longer with us and his dream lives on through the highly talented staff and management team at Taxidermy by Dourlain. Proving to be the finest full service taxidermy studio in North America and beyond Taxidermy by Dourlain satisfies each and every customer on a daily basis.

Recognized and sought after by professional hunters and wildlife lovers from all over the world, Taxidermy by Dourlain owes it global repute to the outstanding work of its team of specialist artists and craftsmen, each a master in their chosen craft.

Mission Statement

“To exceed the expectations of our customers on a daily basis, while preserving wildlife to appear “ALIVE” in settings which demonstrate a level of “ARTISTRY” second to none in our industry.”

You have my personal commitment that you will be satisfied with our work and performance.


Taxidermy by Dourlain
David Ratliff

Taxidermy is more than just a business

We produce not just world class trophies but make lifelong relationships with our customers. We understand the hunter’s passion and it is expressed in the work we create. In every trophy that we craft, we make our unmistakable mark of impeccable craftsmanship.

North American animal taxidermy
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