Taxidermy by Dourlain is a full service taxidermy studio that preserves a wide range of small and large game. What separates our taxidermy service from others is that we don’t just mount your trophies and specimens; we preserve them in a life-like state through masterful craftsmanship and exceptional artistry.

We perform taxidermy on a wide range of animals. Our North American taxidermy services include preserving bear, deer, elk, mountain lions and a range of waterfowl species, to name a few. Through our artistic techniques we capture the wildness of each specimen, allowing you to relive the excitement of the hunt as if it were taking place right inside your trophy room.

We also perform taxidermy services on more exotic species. The African savannah is full of dangerous and imposing animals, such as lions, hyenas, and buffalo. Hunting them is both challenging and dangerous, so we want you to feel pride and relive the excitement when you look at our mounted taxidermy.

You can count on Taxidermy by Dourlain to provide complete professional taxidermy services in Michigan. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our taxidermy services.

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