A Legacy of Perfection

The legacy of perfection in craftsmanship established by the founder of Taxidermy by Dourlain continues to inspire the breathtaking artistry that it still produces. Roland Dourlain discovered his passion for nature and its bounty very early in life. As a youth, while exploring the mountains of California, the beauty of the wildlife around caught his attention and fired his imagination. It was natural that his passion led him to establish Taxidermy by Dourlain and pursue it as a profession. However, Taxidermy was more than just a business, it was what defined Roland. He produced not just world class trophies but made lifelong relationships with his customers. He understood the hunter’s passion and it was expressed in the work he created. His fame as one of the most sought after specialist taxidermy artists spread through the United States and beyond. In every trophy that he crafted, he made his unmistakable mark of impeccable craftsmanship. Though no longer with us, his presence lives on in the tradition of perfection that Taxidermy by Dourlain continues to uphold by producing superior trophies.

Kevin Van AttaMaster Taxidermist

Master Taxidermist

When Kevin is not crafting masterpieces with his skills as a taxidermist, he is either hunting, fishing, trapping, spending time with his family or playing football. For over two decades, he has pursued the profession. A major part of his professional life as a taxidermist was spent working with Dourlain. During his long association with Dourlain, he has contributed significantly in enhancing the artistry and quality standards of the studio.

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