Bears are arguably one of the most powerful creatures to ever walk the earth. These hulking giants are lords of the forests, and represent the untamed and the unbridled wildness of the American woods.

These imposing animals aren’t easy to take down, and it takes a lot of skill and a certain measure of bravery to face one of these beasts in their natural habitat. So when you do successfully hunt one, it’s a triumph that’s worth sharing.

At Taxidermy by Dourlain, we provide professional bear taxidermy – turning your hunting trophies into attractive centerpieces. We don’t just preserve them; we breathe new life into them through excellent craftsmanship, allowing you to relive the thrill of the hunt time and again.

As your premiere full service taxidermy studio, we are dedicated to preserving your trophies in a thrilling and exciting way. Our specialist is well-versed in his art, and can easily capture the untamed and wild nature of your bear specimens. Our bear taxidermy services tell the whole story of the hunt, setting it apart from your usual mounted specimens. We understand your passion as a hunter and we express that passion through the work we create.

We also offer bear taxidermy for sale for those who want a more eye-catching centerpiece for their home. Whether it’s grizzly or polar bear, you can count on our bear taxidermy to be more than just an attractive centerpiece for your trophy room.

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