There’s a reason lions are often referred to as the King of the Jungle. With their regal appearance and power, it’s only right that they possess the kingly throne above all of Africa’s wild animals. These large carnivores are powerful, imposing, and should never be taken lightly.

Closer to home is the mountain lion, and though it doesn’t have the same regal moniker as its larger cousin in Africa, this cat is almost just as powerful and ferocious. Swift, cunning, and aggressive, these animals are a dangerous hunt and an animal that will have you on your toes throughout the quest.

Taking down a lion is exciting and you want to make sure that the specimen you bagged is preserved well to tell that thrilling story of the hunt. At Taxidermy by Dourlain, we don’t just preserve your animals. We specialize in lion taxidermy that turns your hunting trophies into attractive centerpieces for any room – preserving the animal in its natural state and artistically expressing the thrill of the hunt.

Our full service taxidermy studio does both full body taxidermy as well as lion head taxidermy. What separates us from other taxidermists is that we don’t just preserve your specimens as trophies; we preserve them so that they appear alive in a setting that demonstrates a level of artistry that’s unmatched in the industry. When you look at our lion taxidermy, you will see more than just a trophy or decoration; you get a closer look at a scene from the hunt, allowing you to relive the thrill, the excitement, and pride as a hunter.

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