At Taxidermy by Dourlain, we pride ourselves in turning your hunting trophies into living centerpieces for your trophy room. Through peerless craftsmanship and artistry, our taxidermy mounts tell a story and allow you to relive the thrill of the hunt every time you take a glance.

While we’re known for preserving larger and more imposing animals, we are also as proficient in preserving a range of wild game. We offer bobcat, coyote and waterfowl taxidermy, each preserved in a life-like state through masterful craftsmanship and artistry.

Whether you’re buying a mounted specimen from us or need our full service taxidermy services for your own trophies, trust that we will preserve each animal in a way that looks like it can spring to life at any moment.

Elk Taxidermy

Elk are counted among the larger game, and though they aren’t as aggressive as the mighty bear or as fierce as mountain lions, they can pose a danger even to an experienced hunter. With sharp antlers, powerful kicks, as well as size and speed, they can be a challenging animal to hunt.

You can count on Taxidermy by Dourlain for professional elk taxidermy. We preserve each animal in a life-like state, telling the story of the hunt and allowing you to relive it from inside your trophy room.

Whether you’re hunting small or large game, you can count on Taxidermy by Dourlain to preserve your specimens through professional craftsmanship and artistry.

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