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African and Exotic Taxidermy
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North American Taxidermy
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MIscellaneous Taxidermy
MIscellaneous TaxidermyClick the Picture to View the Gallery

Taxidermy by Dourlain carries is a full-service studio able to preserve all kinds of animals, regardless of shape and size, and from all across the globe. We currently specialize in three key categories, which include taxidermy of game from Africa and other exotic animals, North American animals, and miscellaneous creatures as well.

Some of the animals we can transform into masterfully crafted trophies ready for display and showcasing include the following:


– Lion
– Leopard
– Zebra
– Buffalo
– Impala

North America

– Elk
– Whitetail Deer
– Bobcat
– Mountain Lion
– Bear
– Coyote
– Waterfowl

These are just some of the many different animals that we can masterfully transform into trophies worth showcasing. What sets our taxidermy services apart is that other than beautiful specimens that capture the thrill of the hunt and the moment you finally made the catch, our trophy specialist can also help with the design of your trophy room. We make it so that you get the complete experience and are able to relive it over and over again.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about the taxidermy services we provide and how else we can help. We look forward to meeting and working with you soon!