If a picture paints a thousand words, then a trophy of your hunt tells a whole story. Remember the adrenaline and excitement you felt as you stalked the animal through the woods and the pride you felt when you finally caught it? That’s a memorable experience worth telling, and what better way of sharing it than by turning your trophy into a centerpiece for your room?

Taxidermy by Dourlain offers complete trophy room design and build services. We have one of the leading Trophy Room design and build specialist on our team. He has built trophy rooms all over North America for many satisfied customers. Our specialist also has the ability to come to your existing trophy room and help you create additional space for more taxidermy trophies by designing habitats which will allow you to display multiple animals in the same amount of your ever so precious space.

Our Trophy Room Services include the ability to do complete Trophy Room build outs from start to finish or help you manage a Trophy Room project. We can do things such as adding one animal or get as creative and detailed as you need. We are here to help you make your Trophy Room desires a reality by working closely with you to ensure all of your needs and creative influences are met on time and at budget.

At Taxidermy by Dourlain, we bring your trophies to life – allowing you to relive the thrill of the hunt again and again. Our taxidermy trophy rooms are a creative solution that turns your otherwise plain trophies into decorative centerpieces that give new life to your home.

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This is a educational room at a Michigan college.  The display contains all Michigan native plants, animals, and commercial timber.

trophy room projects by Taxidermy by Dourlain

Recognized and sought after by professional hunters and wildlife lovers .

Taxidermy by Dourlain owes its global repute to the outstanding work of its team of specialists and artists, each a master in their chosen craft.

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